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How to Start and Manage a Health and Safety Committee

About the Course

Whether for compliance with the law or meeting a critical requirement of your organization's health and safety management system (such as ISO 45001), learn how to start and manage a safety committee. Regulatory requirements aside, a safety committee is essential for the management of organizational health and safety. Learn how to build a committee from the very beginning. In this course, you would learn how to start, manage and build an effective and efficient safety committee. Learn how to encourage employees to participate in the activities of the safety committee. Learn how to acquire the resources from management needed to run the safety committee. 

Session 1 Preview

Course Topics

  1. Functions of a safety committee

  2. Benefits of a safety committee

  3. Obtaining manager and employee commitment

  4. Selecting members for the safety committee

  5. Critical duties of the safety committee

  6. Goal setting

  7. Planning a committee meeting

  8. Running a committee meeting

  9. Committee meeting follow-up

  10. Communication

  11. How to make recommendations to management

  12. How to encourage employee participation
    How to keep the committee motivated

  13. Safety committee training

  14. Characteristics of an effective health and safety committee

  15. Value engineering principles for operating a safety committee

The course is delivered asynchronously and synchronously. You can view the video recordings at your own pace and if you are comfortable you can sit the exam to receive a certificate.  You are also entitled to a one-hour synchronous tutorial session to discuss the lessons. 

Course Pricing

$50 USD (400 TTD)

This course is free for our members. 

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