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How to Protect Your Household: Home Safety and Security Principles and Practices

About the Course

Home invasions, burglaries, vandalism, fires and many other issues are increasingly threatening the safety and security of many Trinidad and Tobago households. This comprehensive course on home safety and security provides essential guidelines on how to protect homes from various safety and security threats. It is structured into 11 modules, each focusing on different aspects of home safety and security, ranging from fundamental concepts to more advanced systems and strategies. Several international approaches are incorporated into the course, including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The course was developed by safety and security experts, and law enforcement officials. Case studies and real-life scenarios in Trinidad and Tobago were used to reinforce the approaches and strategies covered in the course.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Home Safety and Security

This module sets the stage for the course. It begins with an overview of current security concerns in society, emphasizing the importance of home safety and security across all household types. 

Module 2: Home Health and Safety Fundamentals

Here, participants will learn about the nature of domestic health and safety issues, including fire and electrical hazards, indoor air quality, and other chemical, physical and biological hazards. The module covers the identification and evaluation of these hazards. 

Module 3: Home Security Fundamentals
In this module, participants will learn about the nature of home invasions, including robbery, violence, and burglary. It covers basic security measures like locks, windows, doors, fences, and lighting and guides on evaluating your home's vulnerabilities.

Module 4: Design-Based Security Solutions

This module delves into how home design and construction can enhance safety and security. It discusses retrofitting existing homes with security features and offers insights into cost-effective security enhancements.

Module 5: Lifestyle-Based Safety and Security Measures

Focusing on daily habits, this module teaches security-conscious behaviours at home and in the neighbourhood. It also provides tailored strategies for individuals living alone and security protocols for families.

Module 6: Advanced Security Systems

An overview of alarm systems, including types and monitoring services, is provided here. The integration of technology in home security and the choice between DIY and professional systems are also explored.

Module 7: Apartment Security

This module addresses the unique security challenges faced by apartment dwellers. It includes practical tips and community-based strategies for enhancing security in apartment settings.

Module 8: Vacation Security

Learners will discover how to secure their homes while on vacation, including preparation steps, security measures to employ while away, and using technology for remote monitoring.

Module 9: Confrontation and Self-Defense

This crucial module teaches basic approaches for handling home intrusions, personal safety, and self-defence techniques. It also covers the legal implications of self-defence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Module 10: Emergency Response and Recovery

Participants will learn the steps to take during and after a security breach, including working with law enforcement and dealing with the psychological impact of home invasions.


Module 11: Customizing Your Home Security Plan

The course concludes with guidance on assessing individual and family needs, budgeting for home security, and creating a personalized home security strategy.

The course is delivered asynchronously and synchronously. You can view the video recordings at your own pace and if you are comfortable you can sit the exam to receive a certificate.  You are also entitled to a one-hour synchronous tutorial session to discuss the lessons. 

Course Pricing

$50 USD (400 TTD)

This course is free for our members. 

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