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Requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

About the Course

This course is a summary of the important legal requirements stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Employers and other important industry stakeholders can avoid fines and legal issues by complying with the law. Employees can understand their rights including the right to refuse dangerous work. The course also provides details and samples of the forms available to assist employers, employees and other stakeholders with complying with the requirements of the law.

Session 1 Preview

Course Topics

  1. Part I – Preliminary

  2. Part II – General Duties

  3. Part III – Rights of Employees to Refuse Work

  4. Part IV – Safety

  5. Part V – Fire

  6. Part VI – Health

  7. Part VII – Welfare

  8. Part VIII – Notification

  9. Part IX – Employment of Young Persons

  10. Part X – Special Application And Extensions

  11. Part XI –  Special Provisions In Respect Of Factories, Building Operations  And Works Of Engineering Construction

  12. Part XII – The Occupational Safety And Health Authority

  13. Part XIII – Administration

  14. Part XIV – Offences, Penalties and Legal Proceedings

  15. Part XV – Miscellaneous

The course is delivered asynchronously and synchronously. You can view the video recordings at your own pace and if you are comfortable you can sit the exam to receive a certificate.  You are also entitled to a one-hour synchronous tutorial session to discuss the lessons. 

Course Pricing

$50 USD (400 TTD)

This course is free for our members.

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