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Toxicology for Industrial Hygienists

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Prepare for the Certified Industrial Hygiene (CIH) exam or acquire knowledge to protect workers. The average workplace environment contains numerous chemicals that can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin by workers. Toxicology is concerned with the adverse effects of these chemical agents as well as physical and biological agents on living organisms. This course will introduce important concepts that would integrate critical toxicology principles with occupational health and safety. Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygienists will learn toxicology principles that would assist in controlling several hazards found in the workplace. This course is ideal for students preparing for the CSP or the CIH exam. The toxicology requirement for these exams was built into this course. If you are not preparing for these exams but want to add toxicology principles to your health and safety knowledge base, this course is also for you. The concepts are broken down into small components that would allow those who are unfamiliar with the topic to follow along easily. Toxicology has often been referred to as one of the most important components of the CIH exam. This course is an excellent summary of toxicology principles found on the CIH exam rubric. The course begins with a review of basic anatomy before proceeding to explore these principles.

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